Social Media Round-Up

After weeks of writing blogs, I feel that my writing, thinking, and analyzing of text has improved greatly. Looking back at my first blogs, I realize that my blogs become longer over time, and more dense with information. Writing blogs helped me to learn how to elaborate on my topic, so that the reader can further understand your thoughts and ideas. Also, compared to the most recent blogs, blogs such as “Us and Them”, “When I Was a Child”, “Grief”, and “Powder”, I only used two quotes/references from the passages. More recent blogs contain about more than three quotes/references from the passages. Also, one salient theme that I seem to most often use in my blog, is to highlight very significant quotes. In my first blogs, I would introduce a quote by saying, “one significant theme was…”. For example, in my blog Grief by Joan Didion Analysis, I said, “One very important quote in her text was, “As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, which I interpreted as a literal description of the constant changing of the earth, the unending erosion of the shores and mountains, the inexorable shifting of the geological structures that could throw up mountains and islands and could just as reliably take them  away” (930).” In more recent blogs, I stated the important quote without obviously introducing it. For example, in my blog Johnny Depp: Unlikely Star by John Smith Analysis I stated, ” The profile starts out introducing what is most important in his life, fatherhood. In an interview with Johnny Depp, Depp states that after his daughter was born “The real [him] was revealed” (Smith 860). With that quote, Smith expounded on his profile. He analyzes Depp’s different personalities that were displayed on television and how it has progressed over the years.” This comment seems to show improvement in writing and analyzing, compared to my initial quote.


4 thoughts on “Social Media Round-Up

  1. I not only agree with you on this, but I experienced the same thing when you said your blogs began to get more dense and longer. As classes went on, we started to feel like we became writers with the authors of the various pieces we read. And as they analyze a person or a place, we start to see that we start to analyze things just like them.

  2. I have been following your blogs and commenting on your posts almost every week, and I agree that your writing has improved greatly. You have increased your lengths and amount of information given to back up your writing. You started using more quotes and describing yourself more. I think this is true of my own writing as well as most members of our class.

  3. I agree with you that my critical thinking has greatly improved since the start of the semester, and especially how my blogs became longer and more informative. It was as though forcing yourself to think and write about a specific topic once a week actually improved your thinking capability, and made us much more focused and able to write down how we felt toward a certain subject.

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