AVATAR (Multimodal Essay Draft)

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The movie  AVATAR has been such a popular film that topped the box charts for months. 

With its vivid images, sci-fi creatures and creativity, it almost makes people wonder, if the place where the movie was, was real. Even though, the characters and events were not real, the meaning and storyline is like history repeating itself.

The movie AVATAR is about a war veteran, Jake Sulley, who was (paralyzed from the waist down) and decides to work for the government’s project to investigate Pandora. Pandora is another plant that holds a different group of people called Na’vi. Their ways, culture, language and environment are entirely different from what the Americans know. Their planet holds a very expensive, and useful resource called Unobtainium, which they want.


In order to gain this resource, they plan to dwell in, gain trust, and later take over the planet, obliterating anything that may get in their way.

Jake Sulley becomes an Avatar in order to blend in wit the Na’vi people, but after being apart of them, he realizes how important their land is, and how important the people are.

The main theme behind this film is one country take over another, only to gain their resources out of greed. This seems to be the purpose and meaning behind of Cameron’s movie. He is trying to send out a message to the major corporations, companies, countries that are notorious for deprivation of others.

Throughout the move, Cameron uses different references to historical situations to prove his point. For example, the culture of the Na’vi people can relate to the tribal cultures of different countries, especially third world. Also, the mineral called, “Unobtainium”, seems to source from the world, un-obtained, or not able to have. That statement refers to resources that major countries may want, but can not have. Lastly, the movie specifically incorporated an entirely different language, that makes it believable, to explain the differences between the unique culture and Western civilization.

The Na’vi people heavily rely on their resources, because it is connected to their mother ancestral spirit. Without it, their world would collapse; that is why they are connected together as one with each other and with their land.

Many people question whether that even though this was the second top-grossing movie, after Titanic, has this really opened people eyes to take action on approaching this topic of issue.


4 thoughts on “AVATAR (Multimodal Essay Draft)

  1. At first glance, I must admit I had no idea where you were going in profiling the movie Avatar, especially considering I wasn’t really a fan of the film. But in seeing the film, I didn’t see its correlation to the greed of nations or corporations and their hold they have over countries, let alone the world. Your topic is very significant in foreshadowing the effects of corporate and government greed can have on a society, which was unclear to me in seeing the film. The use of the multimodal components in your profile were very helpful because I could see what you were talking about such as the unobtainium and the image showing the Na’vi people’s dependency on their resources. I would maybe suggest working with the placement of your components however. They seem a little scattered. But other than that, great job!

  2. I like your idea of using Avatar and I also like how you explain the point you believe the movie was trying to get across. However, I do think you could have gone into a bit more detail about your explanation. Why does he want big companies and industries to understand the idea of greed. Do you think it has opened people eyes on the issue? Other than that i think you have a good idea to build off of.

  3. Your presentation was dope. I figured their world was called Pandora because similar to Pandora’s box, once the humans entered the world and “opened” it, a massive war was “unleashed” from the box. I was wondering if you thought the same thing, but I didn’t mean to put you on the spot or anything.

    • Thanks Ryan! I am glad you enjoyed my presentation. I thought you had a good question that required much thought. Funny thing is that I thought of your idea of Pandora’s box after I sat down.

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