Formal Outline for Research Paper


A. Lead in: The media has transformed over generations. The various movies, TV shows[ and video games that people view display different perspectives, actions and lifestyles that some may find educational, or disturbing. Most viewers believe that the majority of the media has negative effects on the public, especially the youth.

B. However the media can not be the full blame for the aggressive behaviors found within people. There are other factors that aggression and violent behavior stem from.

C. Thesis: The media is not always the source of violent behaviors, as there are other factors such as poverty, famililial and societal issues and that the media is influenced by other real-life experiences.


A. There are many people that believe that the media is the first and direct cause of violence. If one views violence on television, they will become violent. One expert states that, “Virtually all of the research concerned with media violence has attempted to determine whether the viewing of violence is associated with or causes aggression. Just as the viewing of violence may increase aggression, so, too, aggressive behavior may increase the preference for viewing violence” (Fenigstein 1)

C. Subtopic/Point/Reason #1:  Before children are exposed to television,familial influences and behaviors take place. Many researchers have concluded that the media is not what a child completely models after, but rather after the people directly around them.  If a child has exposed to violent behavior in their society and family, they will most likely behave in the same manner. “Factors that might predispose an individual to behave violently include being abused by a parent, living in a violent home or neighborhood, poverty, inconsistent discipline, etc” (Coyne 206). There is no doubt that there are extremely violent shows and films out there that should not be available. However, when a person shows aggression, it is most likely what is inside that comes out, and what they have emotionally experienced. The choice of media is just outward show of what negative behaviors they have already absorbed. “When an individual high in violence proneness decides to act violently, he or she may then model violence that he or she has seen in the media” (Negy 401). [4]


D.Subtopic/Point/Reason #2: One should also consider that people who created these violent shows are not always created from other media, but from environmental factors they themselves have experienced, or others have experienced. For example, the series Law and Order SVU shows many violent and gruesome actions that have been committed by criminals. These actions displayed are modeled after real life events of rape, abuse and murder.  Violence is determined by one’s background rather than one’s crime committed. Factors such as abuse, poverty, surroundings of violence can cause one to turn to delinquency. Because of this, people of violence turn to violent films because they can relate with what is going on. This was proven by a study by Brown and Pennell in 1995 with violent and non-violent criminals (Coyne 207). Also, the criminals in the show confess that they have committed the crime and explain that the reason for their actions is that they had bad experiences with their family, friends and society.

E. Subtopic/Point/Reason #3: Economic issues are lastly another cause that can affect one’s behavior. If one comes from a poor economic background, where they struggle to make ends meet, they ususally turn to fast money. The positive opportunities around them are mostly slim to none and they struggle to survive. “Factors that might predispose an individual to behave violently include being abused by a parent, living in a violent home or neighborhood, poverty, inconsistent discipline, etc” (Coyne 206).Most turn to drugs, alcohol, gangs, etc. These usually cause stern, hard personalities so that they would no break. In these experiences, they see all kinds of violent attributes, which they eventually become used to


A. There is usually a saying that it all starts at home. The media may trigger something that is already ingrained in one’s personality. The factors stated highlight experiences that people faced when they were younger. They are those “who are highly aggressive in toddlerhood and then stay that way” (Coyne 209). The only way a person can veer away from violent tendencies is if they are raise in the right way as a child and have nourishing experiences that will help them flourish positively.


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