“Music Education In Public Schools” by Brian Picante Analysis

In this research essay, Picante explains the importance and benefit of music education in public schools. He also explains that because of this importance, there are different steps that teachers can take in order to enforce and encourage the music education.  In order to emphasize the lack of knowledge on the importance education (which has caused controversy), Picante conducts a research where he finds that the majority of  students think music education is important but a little more than half of those students believe it should be cut from teh schools’ program. After this experiment, he educates his reader to understand the importance of music in people’s lives. He uses expert views to support that music education does have benefits on students, academic wise. Picante states, “Another study showed that students who were involved in music also scored 19% higher in English and 17% higher in Math than students without a music program at a middle school level” (Picante 62). Not only does it help in academic-wise, but also emotionally. After proving that music education is beneficial, he states that the educators should enforce and encourage this in their school through a few steps. First, there should be a flow as a student progresses from grade to grade. They should start out with of solid foundation of learning the basics and build up from there. Educators should also have great ineterst in teh topic themselves, so that the students will be interested as well. Lastly, the teachers should have methods of engaging their students, which would ensure participation and increase interest. Picante wraps up his main idea by saying, “Without music in schools, education would not be complete” (Picante 68).


One thought on ““Music Education In Public Schools” by Brian Picante Analysis

  1. I think you did a good job touching on all the points Picante made for reasons to keep music education in schools. I liked how you ended your blog with a strong quote that sums up the point you were making.

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