“The Occupy Movement: Economic Injustice and Civil Protest” by Caleb Eick Analysis

In this essay, Caleb Eick thoroughly analyzes our government, its state and what people today are doing about it, compared to what has occurred in the past. The title attracted me because living in the city, the Occupy Movement was a big event, as well as an issue to others in Manhattan. The progress on the Occupy Movement was showed on the television everyday, as if it may not ever end until there was a complete turn-around. First, Eick describes the difference between a crisis and a bad economy. Eick states that, “A crisis is a large fall in the nations currency and a loss of faith in the economy. A bad economy is a short period where the economy sags but can recover” (54). Due to these definitions he claims that our current economy is in a crisis and proves with experts’ essays and he views. He also states that there may be bias because the CEO’s salaries are rising during this economic crisis. “Joshi writes, ‘Despite the soft economy, weak home prices and persistently high unemployment, some top executives are already making more than they were before the economy soured” (Eick 57) Based on his statements and experts statements, with a they say, and I say,  he shows that the protestors realized the injustice within the system, therefore creating the Occupy Movement. He ends with saying that even though the government seems to fight for our people, we are too suppressed not only by the economic crisis, but also corruption and injustice (Eick 59).


2 thoughts on ““The Occupy Movement: Economic Injustice and Civil Protest” by Caleb Eick Analysis

  1. I like how you used the description in your writing about the economy and how it a period where it went wrong. This movement had become national. The title also attracted me because it was a huge movement in the city which made history.

  2. I think it is interesting how you were able to relate to the occupy movement because of where you live. I liked the quotes you used to explain about what state the economy is in.

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