“What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” by Amy Goldwasser Analysis

In the beginning of the passage, Goldwasser states the negative views of teenagers today. Teens are considered to be ignorant of academics and the world around  us. This original thought mentioned in the passage makes it seem that the author of this passage condemned today’s generation. However, Goldwassser takes on a completely different, unexpected, opposing argument. The Common Core released a survey, over a landline phone that “proved” the lack of knowledge today’s generations has. Goldwasser emphasizes that the survey was done over a landline phone. This shows that this survey was biasedly completed through a medium that is not known to reach where most teenagers are: the internet or even to a cell phone number. Goldwassser then turns the table on the critical people and question their views and actions. She states, “The Internet, according to 88-year-old Lessing has “seduced a whole generation into its inanities”. Or is it the older generation that the Internet has seduced into the inanities of leveling charges based on fear, ignorance and old-media, multiple-choice testing?” (Goldwasser) She shows that the Internet is just a new form of medium in which people still communicate, interact, and network; it is the same where people talk to each other, write to each other, and people mate.  She feels that the criticism comes out of fear of the amount of knowledge that young people have access to, items that we have created, and ideas imagined. Goldwasser believes that instead of criticizing a new form of learning and communication, people should embrace it, assist and encourage increase in knowledge through this technology. She finalizes her argument by saying, “One of them, 70 years from now, might even get up there to accept the very award Lessing did– and thank the Internet for making him or her a writer and a thinker” (Goldwasser).


2 thoughts on ““What’s the Matter with Kids Today?” by Amy Goldwasser Analysis

  1. Hello! I agree that the survey conducted in the story was biased and would give false information. The surveys were given through land-line telephones, which teenagers VERY rarely EVER use. I also enjoy that you included that the people who are using technology and are advancing in the technology will be the future leaders of the world and be the “Lessing” of the next generation.

  2. I like the way that you explained why the survey was biased and disproved its authenticity. It was interesting that you said that people condemn technology out of fear, I think that is a very insightful and thoughtful way of seeing what is really going on behind what people say.

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